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Anyone with a brain would know that the world revolves around money!

September 7, 2009

I have five hearts and I love me some money.

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The Deva Path

September 3, 2009

As I said before I will be posting my old textures and hacks but I’m

only updating now because I haven’t been doing much because of school.

Anyways, I have some .brstm’s ready to update with, menu hacks, and a few revamps.

This is the old Pain/Pein texture but I’ll be working on the revamped version

in a bit with some minor changes.

(Another reason I haven’t been updating is due to the fact that there aren’t

many comments encouraging me to do so.)

PK He never learned that!

August 23, 2009

Well I was gonna compleat this before posting it but i’ll put it up now sence I got nothing better


True Ness it’s a PSA hack where i’m going to overright all of ness’s attacks that he does not get it’s not done yet so some of them he still uses



The version shown is v1.0 but v1.25 is released and is not much different v1.5 should be here soon.



Landing causes people around you to be hurt

Combo is Punch- Punch- PK fire (I know he does not have PK fir but i just thought this combo was cool)

Dash attack ends in PK fire

You have 5 jumps and depending on when in he jump you hit people you will preform one of the 5 elements does not work very well

Shield people take dammage when hitting it

Side taunt (left) gives you a food effect and is replased by Win3

Downtaunt gives heart effect

Side taunt (right) gives you a homerun bat and is replased by Win2

Down and “B” has a small range and puts pepole to sleep

Nuteral Air has cape effect but does not seam to deflect projectiles

Up and A in the air has lighting effect

Down tilt causes slip

Side smash freezes (fixed in V1.25)



Only difference is the side smash still works


For V1.5

I’ts a supprise 🙂


For final V (V2.0 maybe)

PK Starstorm becomes PSI Rockin (Uses cracker launchershots and Smart bombs)

Up and B is teleport the same as his entrence animation

Shield works like fox’s defelctor and does not drain unless it

Yo-Yo up produces a short shield bubble around ness that defects projectiles

Yo-Yo down Same but ends in PK fire turn PK fire

“Ness Kick” (back in air) allways sweatspot

Custom down taunt (no idea)

Dash attack Flower element (errr maybe)

Each jump has one of the 5 elements

PSI magnet shield goes away and sleep lasts less tiem (proportional to enemies dammage or puts Ness to sleep as well)




Not gonna put this one up because it freezes when using side smash



Oh and idk how but can someone (ShukakuSand) put a PSA hacks page up?

Cless and Janet

August 20, 2009

My first post here, and it’s the first characters here! It’s Cless from Tales of Phantasia, and Janet from Shining Force 2!

Thanks to SKLLedOne at ESH forum for the pics. Effects by JordanXXXGamer

Download here

(It’s like 3:40 in the morning and Im not gonna mess around with getting this in the right section/don’t know how to at this moment.)

Arctic Destination

August 16, 2009

Brrr.. It’s chilly in here.

Oh, and Shukaku, can you put up the pictures? I can’t save ’em from my e-mail for whatever reason.

Yeah, most of these are custom textures. So.. enjoy.

Download Here


August 16, 2009

I’m sorry for not being able to update but I’ve been real busy lately.
I will try to update today if I can but if I can’t then probably tomorrow.

Note for members: Please update sometime soon,if you can’t then I
                                        understand but at least try to.

Just asking for the future

August 10, 2009